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It has been in the region of YONKS since I've done anything blog-shaped. It has been quite quiet (that must be a bad pair of words if you're dyslexic) in Automaticland, so there's less to say. Also, I've never been particularly good at keeping up a blog, so there's probably no-one checking any more. Still, I feel like I should be contributing and being more of a web 2.0 kinda guy, so I'll try this again. Also, my dad's been telling me that there needs to be more blogging activity on our site. Point taken, Dad.

So, what news? I have a twitter account. THE AUTOMATIC also has a twitter account. I'm not awful at updating mine at the moment, it's still new and exciting to me. This is my personal one, and the band one (I just typed "bad one" by accident. Go nuts, Freudians) is here. We've been writing and demoing a lot as we've had a plenty of time at home, and it beats twiddling our thumbs. I have no idea when that stuff will be entering the public domain in any form, so no promises, but I'm pretty happy with it. We've been experimenting with a new way of writing lyrics, a totally unremarkable technique of making tea or coffee, sitting in our living room with acoustic guitars and writing by committee. I've still written most of the words, but it's so much quicker and easier to have everyone else suggesting lines, verses, themes, alternative words and phrasings and for us to end up with something we're all happy with straight away. In the past I've just hidden away and tortured myself for two weeks over a half-baked idea and ended up with one weak verse, which does slow things down..anyway, snapping back to the point, the new stuff sounds sweet. It varies a lot from song to song - I'm going to hold back from trying to describe it, I don't believe there's an effective way of describing how a song sounds in non-technical terms (the NME lies to you).

Although we've been busy musically, there has been fair opportunity for thumb-twiddling in the past weeks and months and I've been taking full advantage of that. I've played a lot of xbox, messed about trying to teach myself trumpet (I can play the Family Guy theme, in a farty kinda way) and had a go at oil painting. Painting is a bit trickier than I thought. Either that, or I'm naturally shit at it. I'll leave it there - I don't want to detail the minutiae of my life over the last however many months, those are just some of the more random bits. If life is a box of chocolates, then those bits were, I dunno, the strawberry creams.

Laters everybody,



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