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Tour day 12: Day off, Leeds
A quiet day, mostly based around showering, eating, the basics. We were in Jury's Inn, which is the scene of a few rock 'n' roll hotel smashing nights. That wasn't happpening this time! Everyone was knackered.

Iwan, Frost and I went to a pub and watched the football while I got really, really hungry. I get food rage when I'm hungry, which is like some vampire blood-lust type thing. I can't think about anything, my IQ drops fifty points and get pissed off and grumpy. It's ok, I had a roast dinner and no-one had to die.

Viva Machine turned up later on and a group of us went to a bar I remembered called Oporto. Badly lit and well-stocked. Dai and I made lists of our top five bourbons, I drank a few of my top one (Gentlemen Jack). Then we went across the road to a place where you should get a prize if you can find the toilets. An enormous, steroidified bloke was sitting next to us with a lady, and quote of the night was "Oh, you see that massive bald bloke there? I dare you to slap him on the back of the head and call him a faggot". Viva Machine, trying to get us into trouble, crazy Swansea bastards!

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Old neighbours

HI Robin, you may not remember us, we lived in #53 next door. For some reason I thought about all of you and Cowbridge and saw your Wikipedia page and the reference to your mum below.

It seems that you've done very well (as your mum always thought), just wondered how we could hear some of your music?

Anyhow, just a note to say hello to your family and the Birds too - must write to them, won't be able to visit as we promised.

Please pass along a hello from Michigan for us and wishing you all the best

Bernadette and Brian H.

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