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Tour Day 11: Aberdeenington.
Cafe Drummond's load-in is up eight flights of stairs over four floors, the buggers. This is because Aberdeen is built on top of itself, sorta paradoxically..obviously, there aren't an unlimited number of Aberdeens stretching up and down into oblivion forevermore, that would be ridiculous. Infinite Scotland..

I bought some books here, including "Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintanence" by Robert Pirsig. About seven pages in, I've got the near-irresistible urge to annotate it, which means two things. One: it has a significant philosophical element, and two: I'm going to really enjoy it. Geek, moi? Yeah, actually.

Gig..the crowd were mental to a precise limit; there is zero trouble. It makes me think of those goats that faint when they get shocked, although I don't know why. This is nothing like that in any way. This is just an obtuse tangent thrown up by my over-enthusiastic imagination, sound knowledge base of animal trivia and tired and chemically stimulated brain. Anyway, I was saying - I worry sometimes if it looks like someone's going to get munched in our crowds, we're about having fun. We've already had someone bust their nose to a hit single in this tour. Here though, people just knew exactly how to have a wicked time and not wreck themselves/anyone else. The promoter says there's never any trouble here and I believe him. Outside, just before the gig, I round the corner by the venue to a cry of "stop kneeling on my neck!". Riot police have a satisfied look about them when they're pinning drunks to the ground.

To Leeds!

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shit, we're well stoked for this saturday. rowan and charleh are coming from birmingham and london respectively to see you. it had better be a BLINDER.


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