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Day 8: Auchterhouse of fun
Mike arranged a super-fun day off of joy for us all today. Auchterhaus is a outdoor persuits kinda place. We had no phone reception because of the hills that had been BUILT (they built hills!) to contain the noise from the shooting. Awesome.

If I can get it together to do this, I'll post some footage of us clay pigeon shooting. It was awesome. We had a go at quad biking too, and a crazy car mobile thing with two steering wheels and the rest of the controls shared between everyone in the vehicle. Teamwork prevailed, we were the shit. When quad biking, you wear a white, waterproof jumpsuit thing to keep your clothes clean. Pete put his coat on over this though, schoolboy error! One muddy coat.

I like that the first time I ever shot a gun I hit my target. It went downhill from there, but hey! I feel well prepared for a Shaun Of The Dead type scenario!

I ended the day with a steak. Brilliant.

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i'm ALWAYS prepared for a shaun of the dead type scenario. z-day WILL COME.

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