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Tour Day 6: York
I like York, it's an old and picturesque town but pretty lively and full of cool shops..which is why I spent £50 on cool T-shirts..then bought a Stanley Kubrick box set..

I also went for a swim because there was no shower in the venue and I was starting to feel the ming!

Paul, Iwan and Pete (I think it was them) bought remote control cars, which have seen a bit of action and got covered in mysterious sticky stuff on the bus. They now occasionally move by themselves, when switched off..

York Fibbers does good fajitas, they're famous amongst touring bands. I ate too much, I was stuffed.

Gig was good. A guy who interviewed us for..I can't remember the name of their blog..had his nose broken in the pit and re-set it himself in the loo. Hard man!

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oh my golly, gigs are getting that ferocious? i fear for my life in portsmouth, now ;A;

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