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Tour day 5: Stoke. More snow. Bloody FREEZING.
Us (Ze band and tour friends) and Viva Machine had found a Wetherspoons which was mostly pretty disappointing..I bought a towel..Christ, maybe I should start taking drugs, this is well boring. What's happened on this tour?

Well, there's the different kinds of pain visted on my left hand by my own clumsiness. On the first night I slammed the middle finger of my left hand in a solid, heavy, metal flight case, leaving a purple line running across the middle of the nail and a slight dew of sweat on my forehead from the dull, strength-sapping throbs of pain. I didn't do serious damage but it hurt like a bitch. Then a couple of nights ago I was making a brew of honey, lemon and ginger (good for the the throat, kids) and I scalded the index finger of that hand. Again, no real damage but a different finger and a different (but equally exquisite) kind of pain. I gouged out part of the middle finger on my right hand on a loose nail somewhere too..

The gig in Stoke was cool. There was a giant circle pit..well, there was a circle with no-one in it which the more enthuasiatic kids ran across occasionally. There was a lot of crowd surfing too, three girls at the front had people twice their size landing on their heads over and over again. I was dreading a broken neck situation at the time!

After the gig I did not go to Jumpin' Jack's, which I'm glad about. I turned back when Frost, Paul and Pete went in and just watched Back To The Future II on the bus with Iwan and Viva Machine instead. Frost, Paul and Pete couldn't have been in there longer than five minutes when they came back.



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