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Tour day 9: Dundee Doghouse
First thing I do every day on tour is get my Jungle Book on and look for the bare necessities of life (yep, I'm talking about finding a loo). I've been to Dundee before, we played the Reading Rooms. I remember there being about seven people there, although I doubt many more would fit! We all went swimming that day too, and I fucked up my sinuses on a water slide..anyway, that was then and this is a few days ago.

I actually found town this time, quite nice, although I'm bored of the generic shops. I found an indie record shop which I think is called Groucho's, where I think I bought a Jethro Tull "best of"..much uncertainty.

The high point of the day was going for a curry with Frost and Paul across the road from the venue. When we were almost at the door an ancient Scot in a ridiculous turban burst out and asked "table for three?". The situation was delicate, we all had to try really hard not to laugh at this man a lot! Not a bad curry either, we shared a green naan the size of an elephant's ear.

The View turned up to say hello, which was nice of them.

Good gig, small stage. Haven't had a bad gig yet, really!


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