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Tour Day 7: A Half Of Two Games
There were two matches on tonight: Liverpool vs. Arsenal, and Football vs. Us. Liverpool was the first gig that hasn't sold out on this tour. It was still pretty well attended and the crowd were up for it. There was a mist in the air when we went on stage, which means it was going to be humid. It was a sweaty one, I enjoyed it. There was a guy a few rows back who listened the first chorus of every new song and sang along to the rest, word perfect (well, it seemed to be from my lip reading). What I guy. He gets the fastest learner award.
Liverpool won, so we got a lot of mileage from the footy. Paul's been doing a sports report on stage every so often, it took up pretty much all the time between songs today!

I didn't go very far in Liverpool. I've been there so many times before that I just couldn't be bothered! I'm a bit bored of the generic high street too - Zavvi, Schuh, HMV, Boots - it's the same thing every day. It's great knowing that I can get a DVD for three quid anywhere in the universe but it wears thin. That's why York was nice, lots of boutiques and independent or smaller shops.

Things that sound great in a Scouse accent:
Chicken Teriyaka
Bert Bacarach
Purple Curtains


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